American Cricket Ranch was founded on two things: a passion for exotic pets and an idea to delivery live pet food to your door with the highest degree of quality to folks all over the country using the INTERNET. Our mission has stayed the same since day one: To serve you and your beloved pet with authentic, knowledgeable service and provide you with the highest quality CRICKETS AND WORMS at a great value. At ACR, you’re more than a customer- you’re family.

Here’s a few facts about us:

Fact #1: We were founded in 1990 in the farm country of San Diego California. (We are the first live crickets and worms offer on the internet.) What a concept during those early years. Founder Bill W. Wright saw the need and filled it, a way to feed your pet reptiles, birds, and fish with live foods ship to your doorsteps.

Fact #2: Bill and his family are hands on with every detail aspect of the daily operation at the Ranch. At our climate-controlled facility, our crickets and worms are hand raised with the best organic natural grain products with nutritious vitamins; our special custom blended foods are made with just the right portion of vitamins and proteins. We have been shipping millions of the finest high protein yummy foods for birds to reptiles like geckos, breaded dragons, frogs, wild birds, chickens and exotic fish to you over 20 years. Our crickets and worms are considering the best live bait for fishing, we have even provided them for lollipops.

Fact #3: We LOVE our crickets and worms. Seriously, we’re crazy about them! The crickets sing to us when they are full-grown. They’re like our kids, we keep them healthy and happy even thou they will be eaten someday, but while they’re here with us, they are loved.

So from our family to your family---GOOD EATEN!