DO YOU WANT THEM ALIVE? Shipping to Cold and Hot areas:

Temperatures above 85 degrees
You must purchase a cold/ice pack with order.
If over 100 degrees, must be held at post office for pick up
Unless you have a PO Box.
Do not leave them outside at arrival.

Temperatures below 40 degrees at night
You must purchase a heat pack with order.
If below 32 degrees, must be held at post office for pick up.
Unless you have a PO Box
Do not leave them outside in the snow.

Guarantee live delivery, MUST follow requirements recommended above.

Shipping Information:

Ships FREE to Continental USA States with Priority US Mail. And (Ontrac to some States)
We do not ship close to the weekends.
We ask that the shipment be taken to the door and not put in the mailbox.
With additional cost (OVERNIGHT SHIPMENT) available with FedX.
We do not ship to Hawaii and other Countries.

Hold at your local post office:

It will go to the post office that takes care of your mail delivery.
The system does that automatically by using your shipping address.
Pick them up in 2 to 3 days from shipped date at your local post office.
Do not wait for any notes from post office, just take your tracking number and go get them.
We will email you the tracking number and the address of the post office, plus the day to pick up.

Return Policy:

We only guarantee if you ordered according to our weather shipment policy above.
Since they are perishable, returning is not necessary, just email us or give us a call.
We will work things out.

How they are boxed:

Small sizes are packed in a container or a tube first, then in shipping box.
Medium to large size are packed in egg creates and newspaper in shipping box.